What products to buy from Macedonia?


The delicacies and the wines we describe here are treats we have sampled in the shade of plane trees in village squares, in little cafes by the water’s edge, at long, lazy breakfasts with lots of talk, while travelling all over Macedonia.

Delicious PDO and PGI olives and cheeses, tasteful extra virgin olive oil and vegetables, pulses, fresh and dry fruits and wines!

And we have taken with us some of these flavours, a little piece of Macedonia preserved in our cupboards at home.

Olive oil
Agoureleo, Halkidiki or Thassos

Throumpa, Thassos

Feta (mixed milk: sheep/goat)
Kasseri (sheep’s milk)
Kefalograviera (mixed milk: sheep/goat)
Manouri (mixed milk: sheep/goat)
Batzos (mixed milk: sheep/goat)
Anevato of Grevena (mixed milk: sheep/goat)

Kiwi of Pieria
Crunchy cherries of Rodochori, Naoussa
Peaches of Naoussa
Apples of Kastoria

Vegetable & Pulses
Potatoes of Kato Nevrokopi
Giant Elephant Beans of Kato Nevrokopi, Drama
Beans of Kato Nevrokopi, Drama
Giant Elephant Beans of Prespes, Florina
Beans of Prespes, Florina
Giant Elephant Beans of Kastoria

Other Products
Dried Figs of Taxiarchis, Halkidiki
Greek Saffron of Kozani

P.D.O. Amyndeon
P.D.O. Goumenissa
P.D.O. Naoussa
P.D.O. Slopes of Meliton
PGI Macedonia
PGI Kavala
PGI Pangeon
PGI Thassos
PGI Drama
PGI Adriani
PGI Agora
PGI Serres
PGI Halkidiki
PGI Sithonia
PGI Mount Athos
PGI Thessaloniki
PGI Epanomi
PGI Vertiskos Slopes
PGI N. Massimvria
PGI Pella
PGI Florina
PGI Kastoria
PGI Grevena
PGI Kozani
PGI Siatista
PGI Velvendos
PGI Imathia
PGI Pieria


by Maria Netsika (chemist/oenologist, wine writer and author)

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