3 million euro investment for new plant in Stenimacho, Imathia


The investment plan foresees the creation of a new plant that will concentrate the entire production of Voulis Chemicals – 

Exports of the chemical production from Imathia region, account for 50% of its turnover.

The creation of a new production unit in Stenimacho, Imathia, with an investment of €3 million, where all its production activities – currently shared between its two plants in Naoussa and Lefkadia, Imathia – will be concentrated, is being launched by Voulis Chemicals, a company producing chemicals for the protection and care of vehicles.

The investment plan, with a completion date of 2025, has been submitted for inclusion in the provisions of the development law and provides for the creation of a production facility of 10,000 sq.m. on a total area of 20 acres. In fact, construction work has already begun. The new facility – which will include automated warehouses for raw materials and finished products – will double both the company’s production and storage capacity.

It comes as a response to the increased demand that Voulis Chemicals has been receiving in recent years, but also in response to its outward-looking plans for the future. Voulis Chemicals exports to more than 40 countries, from Romania, where it has a commercial subsidiary, and Saudi Arabia to Israel, Tanzania and the Ivory Coast, with exports accounting for 50% of its turnover. Its immediate plans include the Latin American and US markets, where it has no presence, and the expansion of its activities in Spain through the creation of a joint venture.  

Today the company serves its production activity through two units of 6,000 sq.m. in Naoussa and Lefkadia, Imathia, with a distance of 5 km between them. It produces everything related to the cleaning and washing, inside and outside, of a vehicle, which can be anything from a car to a ship -it even has a marine range- or even an airplane. It also produces antifreeze and brake fluids, and was one of the first European companies to enter the production of AdBlue, a product that reduces the emissions of vehicles with diesel engines. Its customer base ranges from petrol stations, garages and car washes to transport companies, cruise ships and yachts. Its share of the Greek market currently exceeds 60%.

“The new investment in the creation of a modern plant, meeting all European standards, will contribute to our plans, increasing both our production capacity and production volume. We will build the 10,000 sq.m. of the 20 acres and hopefully we will use more in the future,” says to Voria.gr the president and CEO of Voulis Chemicals, Christina Voulis, who took over the reins of the family business a few months ago.

Voulis Chemicals has 40 years of history, as it was created by Gideon Voulis in 1983 in Naoussa, the hometown of his wife, Eleni, the current vice president of the company. With images of his grandfather Simeon’s car wash in Kavala following him as he grew up, Gideon Voulis sought his fortune in the industry very early on, starting with the car lubricant trade. As a restless spirit, however, he did not limit himself there. Cowardly at first, he began producing some of his own products in 1988, the first being battery fluid. Gradually, his production range expanded – alongside the lubricant trade – a development that led to the transfer of his company in 1994 to its current facility in Naoussa. The second plant in Lefkadia was added in 2007 and was dedicated to AdBlue, for the production of which Voulis Chemicals was the first Greek company to obtain a licence and the sixth in Europe, when in our country there were no AdBlue tanks yet.


The second generation of the company, the two daughters of Gideon Voulis, Christina and Maria, became familiar from early on with the family’s productive activity and became actively involved in the business. For a few months now, Christina Voulis – with a degree in business administration and a master’s degree in digital marketing – has been president and CEO of Voulis Chemicals, while her sister, Maria, who has completed her studies in law, also plays an active role.


“What excites me in our industry is that developments are rapid. Every day is different from the previous one and you are constantly learning,” says Christina Voulis, noting that through the many lessons she keeps from her father – who continues to offer his support, even though he passed on the baton – is not to lose her composure in the face of difficulties.


Source: voria.gr

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