ThessINTEC: A technology park


“In this city with its 2300 years of history and one million inhabitants, in the city of 4 universities and the largest academic community in the Southeast Europe, on this coast of the sunny Mediterranean, on the other side of the harbour, next to the city’s International Airport, in the brilliant blue waters of the bay we are creating one of the world’s most modern innovation centres. A meeting point for Science and Entrepreneurship. This is the Science and Technology Park that being developed by ThessINTEC SA. 

In these facilities, in these laboratories, in these auditoriums, in these offices 7000 people from different countries will work together and create here in the park by the canal, in Dock 3 they will drink their coffee, in the same places they will organize excursions to the coast of Halkidiki and Mount Olympus… But what matters most now is the area of their research, the technologies we expect from these brilliant minds…”

This is how the video that introduces ThessINTEC starts. The big technology park will not only gradually change the physiognomy of the city but will also alter the whole region turning it into a hub of technological innovation.

As Nikos Efthymiadis, President and CEO of ThessINTEC explains: “the technology park aspires to become the first Greek 4th Generation Innovation Centre in Greece that will be among the largest technology parks in Europe. It is an initiative of private sector organisations and businesses, in close cooperation with Universities, Research Centres, the local community and the wider Public Sector. It is perhaps the first time that all the above members of the of the Greek Innovation Ecosystem are actively involved in the development strategy and operation of such an infrastructure participating at the same time both in the management of the non-profit organization and public benefit company Thess INTEC SA, as well as in its shareholder composition.

The implementation of Thess INTEC will be a unique example of healthy and effective cooperation between the private and public sectors (P.P.P)  for many even important sectors of our national economy, which will contribute substantially to the improvement of the productive model of our country. It will have contributed to the Greek economy hundreds of millions of investments and thousands of well-paid jobs in Thessaloniki. When the Thess INTEC is fully developed, it is foreseen that 7000 new jobs will be created , a 2% increase in the GDP of Central Macedonia. Thess INTEC will  have also contributed to the upgrading of the local and ultra-local economy and the promotion of the Thessaloniki and Greece in general as an International Development Center of New Technologies.

ThessINTEC1: One of the largest technology parks in the world, in Thessaloniki

Milestone year 2023

All the basic studies and permits required are already in place, while the only outstanding issue is the final stage of approval by the Council of the State and the issuance of the relevant Presidential Decree. 2023 is a milestone year for Thess INTEC as the launch of the implementation of the project, so that by the end of 2025 the first phase of the project will start. So far, about 100 people have registered to participate in ThessINTEC enterprises/organisations/university laboratories, Research Institutions with interest for cooperation – synergies in 6 different Mega Projects (clusters of applied research):

MP1 Advanced materials and industrial production processes

MP2 Nanotechnology applications  of flexible organic materials

MP3 Artificial Intelligence and simulation applications

MP4 Innovative clean energy solutions

MP5 Developing skills for the integration of innovative solutions in business and supply chain

MP6 Future mobility technologies and applications

Nikos Efthymiadis President and CEO ThessINTEC

On the investment side, the main cooperation of Thess INTEC is developed with key investor the Israeli Fund JTLV and the BaseCamp Technology Park, who have agreed on the construction of 70.000 sqm of laboratories with similar facilities for start-ups from Greece and Israel. 

Also, Center of Research and Technology Hellas will develop additional research infrastructure of its own within Thess INTEC.

The project implementation planning includes the successive realization of 2 construction phases:

  1. the construction of all the infrastructure on the entire area, including the flood protection works, roads, earthworks and networks.
  2. the construction of the administration building and Innovation Centre of Thess INTEC,10.000 m2.

Estimated overall completion time: approximately 24 months from the start of the works.


How the vision became a reality

Thess INTEC was actively supported by the Greek State and, already, the simple vision of 2019 is now just one step before the start of its implementation in record time for traditional Greek standards. This great success is due to the synergy and close cooperation of the shareholders (institutions, universities, research institutions, local authorities and donor businesses) of the board of directors and of course the employees of the basic development team of the company of Thess INTEC AE. Having now completed most of the distinct stages of maturity for a project of such importance, such as the final infrastructure studies, the study of the Specific Plan and the the Strategic Environmental Impact Study,  ThessINTEC awaits the issuance of the Presidential Decree that will constitute for the start of construction works.

The final stage of creating such a technology ecosystem is now just around the corner. It will include the installation of the necessary infrastructure, the testing of the functionality and the start of the activities that will enhance cooperation and innovation between stakeholders. The completion of phase A of the project is expected and the start of operation in end of 2025.


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