Chamber of Commerce of Drama and SEVE co-organized an event for the Collective Mark of EU “MACEDONIA THE GREAT”


The importance of the acquisition and use by businesses of the EU Collective Mark. “M MACEDONIA THE GREAT” (Collective Mark of EU, with the name “MACEDONIA THE GREAT”) was presented at the informative event co-organized on Monday 14/11/2022 by the Chamber of Drama and SEVE-Exporters Association, in the presence of members of the Board of Directors of the Chamber and entrepreneurs who responded to the invitation. The event was graced by the presence of the Deputy Regional Governor of Drama, Mr. Gr. Papaemmanouil, the President of the Regional Council, Mr. Chr. Papatheodorou & the Regional Councilor Mr. Arg. Patakakis.

In his greeting, the President of the Chamber of Drama, Mr. Stefanos Georgiadis, referred to the support of the Chamber of Drama to the SEVE initiative and called on its member companies to think with a sense of national and business responsibility about their participation in the project to obtain the Mark.

The President of SEVE, Mr. Symeon Diamantidis, mentioned the historical review of the need to register a collective trademark for Macedonian businesses, as well as for their products, as well as the services they provide, who, among other things, emphasized his faith in the whole project of the Association and urged the businesses to join under the umbrella of this Collective Mark of EU, with the name “MACEDONIA THE GREAT”, in order to acquire a common identity, becoming a member of a wider set with common characteristics, which will thus make them unique as Greek businesses of Macedonia. “The reason for establishing this Collective Mark is the pursuit of a new distinguishing feature as a means of identifying, promoting and advertising local producers and their products in foreign markets,

The presentation of the act – project with the title “Development of a mechanism to support the export capacity and extroversion of the enterprises of Northern Greece”, with the implementing body the Association of Greek Industries (SBE), in the context of which actions related to this initiative of the SBE are included Mr. Pantelis Manis, Project Manager from Euroconsultants S.A., who explained what the Collective Mark is, stating that it can be obtained completely free of charge by Greek businesses in Western and Central Macedonia, as well as its Regional Units Kavala and Drama, provided that they are or become members of SEVE. This way, as he said, they will be able to strengthen their extroversion, which is also the aim of the whole project.

The legal dimensions of the matter were referred to by PhD Lawyer Efstathios Koutsochinas, who developed the actions implemented by SEVE and started in 2019 until finally the legal difficulties within the European Union were overcome and finally the registration of the Collective Mark was achieved “M MACEDONIA THE GREAT” at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in Alicante, Spain.

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