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Of the 720 Startups and Spinoffs that are registered in Elevate Greece, 96 are based in Thessaloniki, while a total of 111 are active in Macedonia and Thrace, and seven of them are based in Western Macedonia. The above figures became known during the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding of Elevate Greece (an initiative of the Greek Government to support startups).

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The extroversion of academic and research centers, the elimination of bureaucracy, the support and funding of startups from their first steps and their financial support through financial instruments and funds, create a favorable environment for the development of innovation and its evolution into a commercial product.   

Great importance should be attached to both the initial funding of start-ups and spin-offs from academic institutions, but also to issues relating to education, retraining of many specialists, support for foreign researchers who want to work in the region, and the reduction of insurance contributions for start-ups.      

The region of Thessaloniki and Northern Greece provides fertile ground for the development of innovation as it brings together the largest academic institutions and research centers not only in Greece but also in the wider region.



Technology Transfer Office of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

In the field of supporting young researchers and their results, University Institutions have established technology transfer structures, linking academic research even more closely not only with the Greek but also with the global market.   

Technology Transfer Office of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

One of the main services offered by the Technology Transfer Office of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in collaboration with other departments of the institution is the assessment of the commercial interest of technologies developed by researchers. It also supports researchers in their search of patent databases and prepares the first steps of evaluating the potential market for each research result. If promising results are obtained, it may independently or with the services of external consultants prepare detailed market survey



The Office of Technology Transfer of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki examining each case individually, recommends whether additional funding from the Special Account for Research Funds is necessary.  It also supports the creation of a network of collaborations with both businesses and public institutions to further exploit innovation. This effort is also supported by the Marketing Department of the Secretariat of the Special Account for Research Funds. The staff of the GMT offers business advice and legal support concerning both the establishment of a spin-off company, and the registration of intellectual property rights. and the mechanisms for the incubation of new technology businesses (incubators, technology parks, etc.)


Certh’s “SPIRA”

The National Centre for Research and Technological Development CERTH, a “beehive” of institutes and laboratories that create innovative research projects, has placed great emphasis on the issue of Technology Transfer and the connection of research with the market.

In this direction it has already registered 40 patents, established 18 spin-offs, registered more than 510 hours of consultancy and mentoring and activated more than 260 industrial partnerships.

CERTH’s Technology Transfer Structure “Spira” is an integral part of the strategy of the National Centre for Research and Technological Development (NCRT) to exploit its research results for the benefit of the national economy and the wider society.


Technology and Innovation Transfer Unit at University of Macedonia

The Technology and Innovation Transfer Unit was established in 2022 as part of the sub-project entitled “Structure and Technology Transfer Activities of the University of Macedonia”, under the Operational Programme “Competitiveness/Entrepreneurship and Innovation”, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and national resources through the Public Investment Programme of the Ministry of Economy and Development. 


University of Western Macedonia and Tech Startups 

The University of Western Macedonia, aiming at the exploitation of innovative research results produced within the institution, has established a Technology Transfer Office with the aim of further extroversion and interconnection of the institution with the business world and the exploitation of the results of its research activity. Already 10 technology start-up companies have been established, and the University is also a member of the “European Institute of Innovation & Technology



FOTO FROM UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN MACEDONIA: The University of Western Macedonia has established 10 startups

WhinPHOS group AUTH 1WinPhoS group is equipped with suitable software and equipment for the conduction of research through simulation and experimental characterization of Photonic based Integrated Circuits, Systems and Networks.

Laboraroty of FLUID MECHANICS AUTH : Τhe LFMT infrastructure includes high- and low-speed wind tunnels of both open and closed type, for high-quality experimental flow and heat transfer measurements on wings, turbomachinery blades (stationary or moving), heat exchangers and various other flow device models.

BioMic Facilites AUTH :Premises of the Biomic group include 250m2 laboratory space in the new inter-disciplinary research building of AUTh (KEDEK) and also space at the Medical School AUTh and Chemistry School AUTh (downtown Thessaloniki).

IBO3 : iBO focuses on the scientific field of agri-technology and the broader scientific area of bio-systems engineering under the integration of multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary specializations and research units

ΙΔΕΠ2,ΙΔΕΠ 1: Chemical Process &Energy resources Institute CPERI,  develop new technologies and practices in the field of Clean Energy Chemical Engineering and Sustainable Industry

IBO1 : The Institute for Bio-Economy and Agri-Technology (iBO) focuses on Agrotechnology and the broader research area of biosystems engineering

CERTH: CERTH is organized in five (5) institutes : Chemical Process & Energy Resources Institute – CPERI, Information Technologies Institute – ITI, Hellenic Institute of Transport – HIT, Institute of Applied Biosciences – INAB, and Bio-economy and Agro-Technology Institute – IBO, bring together more than 1500 people (engineers and scientists in their majority), in 7 regions and 9 cities of Greece.

ΙΔΕΠ 4: Clean green energy technology is one of the key research fields of CPERI Institute

ΙΠΤΛ: Institute of Information and Communication Technologies focus in two main areas of research and development :, the Computational Perception and Interaction Area and the Multimedia, Networks and Electronic Services Area .

ΙΝΕΒΙ: The Institute of Applied Biosciences at the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (INAB|CERTH) conducts research in the Life Sciences that extends from microbes to plants, animals and humans.




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