Sophisticated Xinomavro


Sophisticated, dynamic and absolutely seductive. It gives wines that have grace, in spite of their male power. Wines which, when at their best, overflow with charming and sensual aromas. That is why they have fanatic friends.

Xinomavro resides in the Greek North. Well adapted in the mainland climates, it is grown in almost every vine growing region of central and western Macedonia, while it enters Thessaly also. We find it in Naoussa, Amyndeon, Goumenissa, Pella, Siatista, Grevena, Velventos, Vertiskos and Rapsani.

Xinomavro, with the high acidity and the strict tannins, when young it can be uncompromisingly tense and unripe. Wild and aggressive within its power.  In time, however, with age and persistence, it softens up. It acquires aromatic complexity and unique charm. If the great aging potential is added to all the above, we understand why the foreign wine journalists compare it with diva varieties such as Nebbiolo and Pinot Noir.

Despite all of its charm, however, Xinomavro never became especially popular to the wider public. In the recent years, wine producers, based on this realization, have started working towards the direction of a more “modern” expression of it. With more volume, softer tannins, maintaining, nevertheless, its special character as original as possible.


Why is Xinomavro so well-liked?

The secret is its attractive acidity and the tannins which, –trust me-, when they are friendly, they become absolutely enchanting. Dressed in a rich body, they raise the wine to supreme heights. Just as attractive is its aromatic profile: red fruits, olives and ripe tomatoes, which are accompanied by appetizing peppers and spices when they are aged.  


Xinomavro in a nutshell




Aromas and flavours profile 

Fruit flavours: quince, gooseberry, blackberry
Other: olive, tomato, violet
Aged flavours: vanilla, clove, tobacco, liquorice   


Taste profile 

Acidity: high
Tannin: high
Texture: big structure
Ageability: Yes. 3-18 years depending on the style.



Naoussa, Amyndeon, Goumenissa, Rapsani


Xinomavro styles 

Robust reds, with strong tannins and acidity
Beautifully aged reds of a unique complexity
Silky smooth rosés still/sparkling


By Maria Netsika (chemist/oenologist, wine writer and author)

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