Τhe second largest city of Macedonia, Serres is located between the mountains “Vrondou” and “Menoikio”, offering an excellent mountain panorama. It is a city that is familiar and at the same time “alive”, with a shopping center, squares, cafes, great commercial potential and a rich culinary scene. The heart of the city is Eleftheria Square with “Bezesteni” in its center (the old covered Ottoman market which today houses the Archaeological Museum). Picturesque pedestrian streets host well- designed all day café bars next to steakhouses, where young people and students co-exist with local residents and visitors of all ages.


The city breathes life with many more squares and above all with the beautiful valley of Aghii Anargyri. At a distance of only 2.5 km outside the city, we find the green area of Agios Ioannis with its waterfalls and many taverns. The museums, the intense night life, the mountain refuge, highlight the city of Serres as a special tourist destination.

The nature

In the mountainous mass of Vrontos and at an altitude of 1,600 m, at a distance of only 27 km from Serres, is the ski center Lailia. If you like peace and relaxation – on deeply shaded paths and on peaks with a unique view – or you are an extreme type, the famous forest of Serres is an ideal destination throughout the year. The forest of Lailia covers the western part of the Vrontos mountain range (altitude 1,849 m.) and is located 25 km north of the city of Serres. It is one of the most beautiful forests in Greece, it is covered by towering beech trees and pine trees while, apart from deer and hares, wild boars and a small number of brown bears find refuge in its northern steep part. The total area of the forest reaches 32,500 acres.


Museums and culture

Museum of Natural History offers the opportunity to learn about the ecosystem of Serres Prefecture, as it is a miniature of the flora and fauna of the area. In addition, a listed building in the former “Papalouka” camp, now the “Konstantinos Karamanlis” Cultural Park, houses the large donation of the internationally renowned Greek artist Konstantinos Xenakis to the Municipality of Serres, the only one in Greece. A visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art “Constantinos Xenakis Gallery” is a unique journey of senses, knowledge and experiences.

Eating and drinking Serres love fun and good food. Warm corners, which turn into atmospheric bars at night, keep the city alive. Local gastronomy has two obvious favorites. The famous bougatsa and akane. For the first, flour, oil and vegetable butter of the highest quality are mixed to create the famously crispy sheet that hugs the sweet, steamy cream. In the Bougatsazidika opposite Bezesteni, the unique delicacy is served early in the morning with many more exquisite fillings: minced meat, spinach, cheese. As for akane, it is a type of Turkish delight that began to be prepared in the area of Lailia and is still a trademark of Serres! The little morsels, dipped in powdered sugar, “lock in” the smell of the goat butter.

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