Olympia Electronics manufacturing high tech success


The story behind success



OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS A.E. was founded in 1979 by Mr. Panagiotis Arvanitidis and Mr. Nikolaos Lakasas, and is active in the development of innovative electronic security systems using state-of-the-art technology. The choice of the specific industry came as a rational decision, as both founders were already active in different units of the sector, Mr. Arvanitidis in the commercial part and Mr. Lakasas in the research-construction part. They therefore decided to join forces and create OLYMPIA ELECTROINICS S.A.


Opportunities for growth

One of the main aspects that contributed to the success was the company’s decision to start exporting its products, following a course of successful penetration in the local market throughout the first years of operation. 

Exports gave a great boost and helped establish Olympia Electronics gradually but firmly at the top of Greek export-oriented companies. The strategies followed were feasible and intertwined with the corporate vision – to meet the needs of the market with quality and innovative products at competitive prices.

“Market opportunities and gaps are identified when you are close to the market and listen to its problems, but also its needs. Olympia Electronics SA has always been and continues to be next to the Greek electrician-installer, continuously trying to produce new products according to market requirements.” 

Persistence in strategic geographical expansion was one of the biggest challenges in the history of the company, which -despite the increased cost of investments- dared and managed to make its goals a reality. Despite the difficult circumstances, a new building was put into operation basting state of the art machinery and cutting edge infrastructure, that allowed the company to develop more.

The role of human resources

Regarding the role played by the company’s people in this path of success, it is considered particularly important. OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS relies heavily on its human resources and bases its development on its people.

“At this company, we firmly believe that an employee is ‘engaged’ when they feel that the organization’s goals are aligned with their expectations.” This belief has led to the composition of a strong team of “committed and active executives” by implementing some procedures such as: frequent and meaningful communication between Department Managers, which strengthens cooperation, loyalty and further motivates for superior performance, the creation of a good working environment that fosters the emotional commitment of staff, the improvement of corporate culture and internal processes, and the continuous rewarding and training of employees.

On innovation and adaptability

Having realized the crucial role of innovation in the success of any business venture, the management of the company has decided to employ an impressive number of professionals, that equals almost 10% of the human resources, in the R&D department. Research, experimentation, the invention of new technologies and the improvement of current ones, are all on the department’s daily agenda.

“The market is always changing and the company, trying to adapt to this fact, carefully makes its choices today, knowing that they shape the future.”

OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS today and tomorrow

The upward trajectory of the company, both in Greece and abroad, is one of its most important achievements. In addition, the dedication and trust of an ever-growing clientele rewards the company’s practices, inspiring its people to keep up with the good work, surpassing expectation!

As for the company’s main goal in the coming years, it is to continue to be at the top of the export companies in the sector and at the same time to enter new markets abroad, in order to increase its exporting network.

Moreover, responding to the calling of the times, OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS will continue to offer security and hope to fellow human beings in need through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), to remain consistent with its customers and at the same time to support the Greek, but also the global economy.

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