Nature Blessed, The success of a “nectar”


Nature Blessed is a family-owned company based in Thessaloniki, active since 2013 in the processing, standardization and sales of extra virgin olive oil as well as in the production of condiments based on extra virgin olive oil.

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The company’s goal is to provide to its ever-growing clientele, products of exquisite quality. The company’s devotion and love for olive oil and its products, the “nectar”, as it is often referred to, of the eternal Greek land, in synergy and cooperation with excellent and traditional olive growers who share common values and dreams, allows Nature-Blessed to maintain premium quality standards.


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Motivation, enthusiasm, and dedication to high quality olive oil is for Nature-Blessed a lifelong commitment, which has led it to success. Aiming at offering a unique taste experience, always with respect for people and the environment, the company’s mission is to spread the message of good health and prevention through the consumption of nature’s blessed treasure: The Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Expertise and Knowledge 

Nature-Blessed values its personnel, all those people who share the common vision to ensure unsurpassed taste. Those employees possess a deep understanding of olive oil production, including cultivation, harvesting, pressing, and bottling. This expertise ensures the production of high-quality olive products that meets customer expectations.

The company’s people are all passionate about maintaining the highest standards of quality. They all share a genuine love for olive oil and are dedicated to preserving its integrity throughout the production process. This commitment to quality contributes to the company’s reputation and success.

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The challenge of ongoing excellence

The greatest challenge that the company was faced with from day one, was the maintenance of the highest level of quality. Paying close attention to detail, applying the strictest control measurements, and sticking to top quality protocols, guarantees that the final product is consistently exceptional.

Continuous learning and improvement are also parts of the success story.  The company strives to maintain a customer-oriented approach, staying focused on the ever-changing market needs. Prioritizing and understanding the needs and preferences of their customers, hotels, tourist shops, restaurant and food service businesses, gourmet product shops, the company seeks feedback, and works hard to exceed expectations. Showcasing a customer-centric approach the company manages to build long-lasting relationships that contribute to the company’s success.

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Among the company’s many achievements, the most cherished one, is the great amount of recognition it has gained. Through consistency and a steadfast commitment to delivering excellence, Nature-Blessed ensures that every product maintains the same unparalleled flavor profile, elevating it to a level of distinction.

Nature Blessed: Looking ahead 

As for the company’s future, it may be tricky for one to make clear predictions within today’s turbulent business landscape, but still, one thing is for sure. Blessed with the true love and rare devotion of its people, the company’s vision will remain unaltered and provide it with the ongoing desire to embrace new challenges. 

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A business story blessed with success

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