Mitsis & Mitsis Group: A successful business recipe



Mitsis & Mitsis Group ABEE was founded in 2017, following the family tradition of developing standard recipes for the production of fine authentic wine vinegar, suitable for any household use. The food industry and especially vinegar production came as a natural choice, due to the original legacy that the company has carried for more than 60 years, having also absorbed the thirty years of experience of the largest Vinegar Distillery in Northern Greece, which it acquired in 2017.

From the first day of operation, high goals were set, summarized in the triptych “Quality – Durability – Innovation”. The production of an authentic, consistently quality product is the main concern, while continuous research is done for the creation of new, innovative products for the Greek and international market. Regarding the decisions and strategic moves that led the company to a path of growth and success, the answer is quite simple. From the first moment, both the Management and the rest of the team members, Employees, Food Technologists, R&D department, focus on the continuous increase in productivity, but without sacrificing – on the contrary, with the aim of simultaneously strengthening both the quality and the variety of offered products.

Innovation at the core

Special emphasis is given to the importance of continuous research and innovation for the production of new products but also the differentiation and improvement of existing ones. After all, the speed of market development does not allow anything less. The adaptability to the circumstances is clearly something that to a certain extent affects the company’s actions, but always without affecting the values and the legacy that it carries since its inception. Remaining constantly alert and firmly committed to the triptych “Quality – Durability – Innovation”, the people of MMG have managed to create and ensure conditions of prosperity for the business over the years.

An industry of opportunities

Regarding the opportunities emerging in the food sector, MMG believes that the food sector has always been and continues to be a fertile field of opportunity even in an unfavorable economic and business environment.

The development of completely new food products, the differentiation and improvement of existing ones, research and continuous testing are just some of the tools for someone who wants to successfully enter the Greek and international food market.

Investment in people

The importance of the human factor in achieving success is also great. The company’s staff possesses specialized knowledge in all fields, as well as many years of experience, necessary elements for the creation and perfection of the products. The passion, consistency and hard work of everyone at MMG ensure that necessary attention is being given to each production stage: from the collection of grapes and fruit, to the delivery of bottled vinegar (balsamic, cream, simple and others). The great atmosphere, good cooperation and mutual respect between everyone also contributes in this direction. In addition, the continuous training of human resources, with seminars and conferences in Greece and abroad, and the simultaneous transfer of know-how, make MMG one of the most specialized companies in the food sector.

Responding to challenges

Like any company, Mitsis & Mitsis Group has faced various challenges until today. From the “echo” of the financial crisis that shook the country, to the CoViD – 19 Pandemic, there were not a few times that obstacles were raised, sometimes discouraging, but never inaccessible. Responding with a clear vision, based on values and goals, MMG managed to continue its course with optimism and perseverance, always with the main aim of creating and providing high-quality food products for the Greek and international consumer.

Great achievements

The company’s major achievements include the procurement of the largest and most modern Vinegar Product Bottling Line in the Balkans – a landmark achievement for MMG. In addition, the recent award of its Products by the leading organization, International Taste Institute based in Brussels, was of great significance. Still, the biggest achievement by far is the trust of people who prefer MMG products, with the confidence that they have chosen a product that is not only tasty, but also authentic and 100% natural.

Glimpses into the future

The company’s goal for the next decade is to enter large international markets such as the Italian, American, German and Scandinavian – in fact, the company is in the process of signing the relevant contracts in some of the afore-mentioned markets, using quality as a compass for the next moves. 

Mitsis & Mitsis Group is also already to proceed with actions to enrich its product range, where food and beverages, such as extra virgin olive oil, wine and honey, will be added in the coming years.


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