Map of Flavours 2023: Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 December 2023 in Thessaloniki, Macedonia


The most important event about wine in Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece – 20th Map of Flavours

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WHEN: Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 December 2023

WHERE: Ioannis Vellidis Conference Centre, Helexpo, Thessaloniki


We are delighted to inform you that Wine Plus is organizing the Map of Flavours 2023, which will take place on the weekend of 2 & 3 December 2023 at the Ioannis Vellidis Conference Centre, Helexpo, Thessaloniki.


This year, the Map of Flavours celebrates its 20 anniversary!


The most important wine event in Northern Greece was organized for the first time in 2003, grew and became a wine institution at Warehouse C in the Port of Thessaloniki and has now been ‘launched’ at the highly aesthetic and functional Helexpo Conference Centre.


In these 20 years, the wine fiar has grown and evolved, has been improved and upgraded alongside Greek wine, with the aim of communicating it as well as possible. It has accompanied and highlighted the impressive increase in the number of wineries in the country and, clearly, the soaring quality of Greek wines.


All of us at Wine Plus who work on the implementation of the Map of Flavours are very proud because every year we welcome to Thessaloniki for an unforgettable wine weekend, the best known Greek wineries, but also many smaller and emerging ones, as well as wineries from Cyprus and other important wine producing countries.


We are very proud, even, because wine professionals and consumers from every corner of Greece and many European countries are consulting us to mark early in their diaries the dates of the fair, determined not to miss the great wine event.


For its 20th anniversary edition, the Map of Flavours will be transformed into a giant magnet that will gather all the wine world of Greece, for 2 days, at the Ioannis Vellidis Conference Centre at Helexpo.



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