MACEDONIA THE GREAT – It’s Greek! It’s authentic!

One of the most important initiatives of SEVE is the registration at the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) of the Collective Mark of the European Union (in accordance with articles 74 of Regulation 2017/1001), with the name “MACEDONIA THE GREAT” that can be used by all Greek businesses whose products or services come from the geographical region of Macedonia (Regions of Western Macedonia, Central Macedonia and the Regional Unities of Drama and Kavala) and are or will become members of SEVE.

The EU Collective Mark of SEVE “MACEDONIA THE GREAT” creates a single and distinct identity for SEVE’s members’ products and services, promoting their authenticity, while enhancing their competitiveness and commercial appeal internationally. The creation of this identity arose in part from the need to differentiate the products of the Greek Macedonian land, from competitive products, investing in values associated with the history and culture of Macedonia, while offering a common, location-oriented identity to all SEVE members’ products and services. Greek Macedonian businesses that are represented by SEVE find in the said Mark a strong ally in strengthening their image and increasing their competitiveness worldwide.

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