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Northern Greece Ceramics is the first Greek ceramics and tiles factory in Greece and one of the first in Europe with EPD certification (Environmental Product Declaration). This certification reflects the efforts of the company to reduce the CO2 emissions and minimize its environmental footprint.

 (ΚΕΒΕ) has a leading role in the construction industry and holds a very important position in the Greek and Balkan markets.

The company incorporates all modern technologies to create innovative and environmental friendly products while developing new ones harmonized in the context of sustainable development and reduction of its environmental footprint.

It is a modern, dynamic company enriched with the valuable experience of the past, the passion for creation and the constant research of creating new products with high quality and aesthetics 

The Kothalis family founded the first ceramics factory in Chrisoupoli, Kavala.


The history of KEBE begins almost a century ago in Central Macedonia and specifically in Chrysoupoli, Kavala. Stylianos Kothalis ,knowing well the art of ceramics, settled in Kavala with his family in 1948 and founded in Chrysoupoli the first mechanized ceramics factory in the region, which produced bricks. 

  • In 1960 the company started to produce tiles 
  • In 1970-1976 factories were built in Schimatari and Orestiada and five more ceramics factories  in Eastern Greece were acquired.
  • In 1980 the existing factory unit in Chrysoupoli was expanded and its structure modernized.

In the following years the company grows through the acquisition of competitive tile factories in Northern Greece while investing in innovative technologies both in national and global level.

  • In 1997, the new tile production unit was created in Chrysoupoli, Kavala as the first production of colored tile in Greece. 

Since 2006 the company has been operating under the name of Northern Greece Ceramics (KEBE), which was inspired by its founder, Stavros Kothalis. The company is now a leader in production and distribution of ceramics in Greece and the Balkans while expanding its sales network around the world.

Modern robotic technology and most accurate quality control systems ensure the quality of its products.


In 2006, Kothalis family with the establishment of KEBE S.A. constructs a new production unit in Nea Santa, Kilkis with a capacity of 2,000 tons of clay blocks and 200,000 tiles per day. This is one of the most modern and higher capacity tile plants in the world.The annual capacity production of the facilities is 700,000 tn of bricks and 75 000 000 m2 of tiles and roofing accessories.

The factory unit consists of two autonomous production units of bricks and tiles, as well as an independent line for roofing accessories. Modern robotic technology and the high quality systems are complemented by the staffing of KEBE and its qualified human resources, both from scientific and technical sectors. All this take place in a workplace that encourages initiative and promotes productivity.

“Building on 90 years of tradition, we operate successful under the management go the third generation, becoming a modern industry.We maintain a strong presence in Greek and Balkan construction industry markets and a strong export activity worldwide, providing high value construction solutions.”, marks Ayis Kothalis, President and CEO of Northern Greece Ceramics (KEBE).



 Having research and development (R&D) at its core the company aims in global novelties, innovative and certified structural solutions that respond to climate change. Its aim is to bring to the market new products of high quality, bioclimatic design and clean energy building technologies . KEBE presented for the first time in Greek market, building materials which offer great energy savings, economy during construction and use but also products that cover the highest aesthetic and design requirements.

The products of the company (bricks, tiles, chimney stacks, roofing accessories, insulation systems KEBE XPS, additional building products) follow all the modern trends and architectural requirements with a long life circle and low environmental footprint. In fact, the new ceramic products can be reused or recycled.



Northern Greece Ceramics (KEBE) is firmly committed to the modernization of product process, transition to industry 4.0, improvement of efficiency and reduction of energy consumption through – among other things – the modelling and optimisation of processes and installation of new robotic systems.

At the same time the company develops a significant portfolio of projects focusing on Renewable Energy Resources while continuing the investments in research and development to fully decarbonize from fossil fuels.

In early 2023 the company secured  four licences from the Energy Regulatory Authority for energy production using accumulators of 386.4MW total power. From 2024, the total amount of the electrical energy consumed will be produced by RES. At the same time, technologies that could replace natural gas, are being explored; a policy that aims to replace it by 30% by 2030.

KEBE was the winning company in the category “Industry/ Building Materials for the adaptation of best management practices concerning the minimization of energy consumption during production process and provision of related solutions. In addition the company won two silver awards in the category «Water Efficiency» and «Cogeneration (Combined) Heat & Power» for the adoption of best practices for the protection of water table during the production process as well as for the optimal utilization of high-efficiency cogeneration of electricity and heat in the ceramics sector since 2001.

The company brings new high quality products to the market, bioclimatic design and clean building technologies.


The company is growing steadily in Greece and always has the eye on international trends, by listening the aesthetic and quality requirements of its costumers and by being a strong competitor of multinational companies in the field of building materials. 

KEBE supplies its products to more than 40 countries around the world, among which are the Balkans,Turkey, Egypt, India, China, America, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Israel, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand etc. It is worth noting that 40% of total production is channelled to the Greek market and the remaining 60% to the global market.

The products of KEBE are produced with strict quality control, harmonized to the European standards and they are presented in large international exhibitions gaining the interest of the public.

Large production capacity, solid sophisticated technological equipment, persice control systems, flexibility, on- demand services strengthen the company’s position on the world map.

The long- term trusting relationships with foreign costumers contributed significantly to the creation of a strong brand name while, continuous development of export activity with new collaborations of the company provides high structural value solutions to most of parts of the world today.

KEBE successfully addresses challenges that arise in the international market such as high standard requirements, customs, exchange rate fluctuations and political situations in every country.

Intense international competition requires constant monitoring of the industry developments but also differentiation.The rapid technological advances require flexibility and investment therefore, particular emphasis is placed on the development of R&D department.

To adress these challenges strategic foresight, adaptability and cultural understanding are necessary. Those characteristics govern KEBE and made the company globally recognized. 

KEBE’s primary goal is to establish the leading role in construction industry both in Greek and Balkan markets and to maintain its strong export activity worldwide, providing solutions that respond to the modern needs of its costumers and partners, leading them into a structurally better world.



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