Chamber of Commerce of Kilkis and SEVE co-organized an event for the Collective Mark of EU, with the name “MACEDONIA THE GREAT”


One of the most important initiatives of SEVE is the registration at the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) of a Collective Mark of the European Union (according to articles 74 et seq. of Regulation 2017/1001), with the name “M MACEDONIA THE GREAT” which will be able to be used by all Greek businesses whose products or services come from the geographical region of Macedonia and are or will become members of SEVE.

The collective mark is a tool for organizing and coordinating the action of businesses that are members of the beneficiary body, SEVE in this particular case. Joint actions and advertising campaign based on the collective mark undoubtedly help to improve the competitive position of the members of the beneficiary organization. Given that an EU collective mark is a right that extends to the territory of all EU member states, the members of the beneficiary association enjoy an advantage within the framework of the single European market. In particular EU collective marks with a geographical indication, they can be used as a vehicle for the dissemination of products and services originating from a certain geographical area and create a competitive advantage for the businesses of that geographical area, due to its particular characteristics. The creation of the Macedonian Mark aims to protect the Greek products produced in Macedonia – and correspondingly the services provided -, combining the history and heritage of our country, through authentic, genuine and quality products of SEVE members.

The Logo aims to create a new distinguishing feature as a means of identification, promotion and advertising of local producers and their products, in order to strengthen the recognition of the local companies of Macedonia – members of SEVE and their products in a clear, transparent and unmistakable way, to benefit of openness, legal certainty and healthy competition. SEVE’s pursuit – and through an approved project* – is the largest possible participation of Macedonian businesses who, after being informed and trained about it, will be able to adopt the Collective Mark of EU, with the name “MACEDONIA THE GREAT” free of charge. In addition, businesses will enjoy the advantage of being included in a special Portal that will be created with the main objective of promoting themselves and their products to potential buyers.


It goes without saying that the use of the Collective mark can be done in parallel with the use of the individual marks/distinctive features of each company and in accordance with the approved Usage Regulations. In particular, the licensee of the use of the Collective Mark may place it on the packaging and/or place a label linked to those of the prepackaged products, as well as the non-prepackaged products available for consumption, as well as may use it in advertising. The use of the Collective Mark must be done in accordance with the principles of good faith and the users of business ethics, without creating a risk of misleading the consumer public, especially as regards the origin of the products or services.

The responsibility for the correct use of the Collective Mark rests with the member to whom a license has been granted, for products or services that it markets under its name. Members who have been granted a license to use the Collective Mark must use it as such and in a uniform manner. Therefore, for reasons related to the support of your extroversion but also the need to support brands/distinctive features of national interest from the private sector, we invite you to respond to our invitation to award and adopt the Brand by your business, provided you meet the relevant requirements conditions.

For the granting of a License to Use the Collective Mark “M MACEDONIA THE GREAT” (completely free of charge) and/or for more information, please contact:
Euroconsultants S.A. Tel: 2310 804 035, 804 196, 804 123.

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