A city that historians, architects, and other experts have ranked as one of the most beautiful and picturesque in the world, due to its unique architectural features. This is Kavala.

Located in the south-eastern part of Macedonia, washed by the Aegean Sea, the prefecture of Kavala includes the island of Thassos as well as other neighboring islets, while it is known for its unique natural beauty, with lush green forests, magnificent mountain landscapes and crystal clear seas. Besides its beautiful nature, the city boasts a unique urban culture, a laid-back and vivid lifestyle at the same time. The lights that one can see from afar, before even entering Kavala, are indicative of a city alive. A vitality that passes from the old to the new, from the classic to the modern and accompanies its inhabitants throughout the centuries.

Kavala, like a balcony in the Aegean, is ready to receive you and introduce you to its secrets. To take you on a journey from ancient times to the present day, to tell you stories from the past, to show you beaches of unprecedented beauty and nearby destinations for thrill-filled getaways, to entertain you at its festivals and numerous cultural events throughout the year, and to treat you to fresh fish, tsipouro and kourabiedes.


Journey in time

Kavala attracts many visitors thanks to the countless natural beauties, the historic capital, the remarkable archaeological sites, the traditional settlements, the Byzantine monuments, and the wonderful sandy beaches. The port of Kavala is one of the most important in the country with considerable commercial and tourist traffic.

Walking through the cobbled streets of the Old Town will take you on a journey into the past. At the top of the hill dominates the Venetian fortress
offering magnificent views. Another popular site is the mosque of Imaret, built in 1817 by Mehmet Ali – the most renowned Muslim-mosque in Greece.

The city is also known for its old tobacco warehouses, the green municipal garden, the picturesque harbor, and the traditional small shops, while there are also many churches with amazing paintings, as well as an Archaeological and Folklore Museum.Natural beauties
Kavala’s nature is generous and charming; green mountains, picturesque lakes, the enchanting Nestos delta, compose an amazing scenery. Its rich marine world, its crystalline springs and its vast forests attract many rare species of the Greek fauna. On the other hand, the rare flowers, the towering trees, plane trees and beeches as well as the rest of the wild vegetation, complete the picture.kavala-city-overview

Around the Kavala city

Chrysoupoli is located in the center of the Nestos plain. Here one can enjoy the particularly beautiful forest of the river Nestos, with its rich flora and fauna. Nea Peramos is a tourist village, where in addition to the extensive beaches, one can visit the acropolis and the ruins of ancient Isimi. The archaeological site of Philippi is the most important in Eastern Macedonia, including among other things, an archaeological museum, a Paleolithic settlement, an ancient theater, an acropolis, part of the ancient market, a sanctuary of Egyptian deities and the prison of the Apostle Paul.

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