Welcome to Grevena! A magical destination, where beautiful nature and hiking trails meet hospitable residents, as well as a very special species
Mushrooms! No wonder it is often called Mushroom Town. The city is located in Western Macedonia that is home to many, exciting surprises and beauties, but the main thing it is famous for, is undoubtedly the vast population of mushrooms, featuring hundreds of varieties and inspiring in turn a rich gastronomical culture based on them. More specifically, over the last 3 decades or so there have been recorded more than 2,000 species of this tasty fungus, the largest number ever presented in any other prefecture of Greece!


Getting around the city

When it comes to the city itself, Emilianou Square is the central square, where anyone who wants to experience its pulse passes by, the spot where it all begins. Restaurants, shops, cafes, a vibrant day and nightlife alike.

A little further down, you will find Eleftherias (as in Liberty) Square with the famous Clock, which is the trademark of the city. With a height of 20 meters and a pentagon shape, the Clock is an impressive monument that dates back to the Turkish era, when it was used as a mosque.

Valia Kalda

Apart from the beautiful city of Grevena, it would be a shame not to visit the other attractions of the prefecture, which will bring you in contact with a different nature.

Valia Kalda
, for instance, also known as the The National Park, which translates as “Hot Valley” from the Vlach language, is located in the south part of the prefecture, in an area of approximately 69 thousand acres. There, the visitor encounters a great winter refuge of Greek fauna, boasting some 72 species of birds, 6 species of amphibians and 7 species of reptiles, as well as rich flora, with dense forests of black and white pine, as well as beech. Despite its misleading name, this is one of the coldest and wettest regions of Greece.

About 15 kilometers away from the town of Grevena, in the area of Milia, there is also the Museum of Natural History, where visitors can admire traces of prehistoric creatures, such as bears, rhinoceroses, mastodons, sabertooths and other prehistoric animals.


Mushroom hunting

Mushroom hunting is quite popular in this part of Macedonia, a true favorite among those in search of rare flavor experiences. Besides, there are dozens of events organized there every year, with the occasion and focus of mushrooms, not to be missed by mushroom enthusiasts.

Skiing in Vasilitsa

Last but not least, in the mountainous side of Grevena, lies Vasilitsa! The ski center of Vasilitsa is one of the most beautiful and well-known not only in the region but also throughout Greece. It is located on the border of Epirus and Western Macedonia and is considered one of the cheapest ski resorts in Europe.
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