Greece and Italy: Strong links within the commercial development chain


As well-known, there are strong bonds of friendship and cooperation between Greece and Italy. What is worth mentioning however, is the fact that while commercial transactions between the two countries are already at high levels, the possibilities for further strengthening their commercial relations are gradually increasing.

As the president of the Italian-Greek Chamber of Commerce in Thessaloniki notes, “commercial transactions are at an exceptional level, with the value of Greek exports in 2022 exceeding 4 billion euros, which shows the dynamics that have developed between the two countries.”

The main Greek products that are currently exported to Italy, are olive oil, data processing machines, fish products, aluminum and pharmaceuticals. However, there are huge opportunities for further strengthening of bilateral cooperation in many areas. According to the World Trade Center (ITC), the opportunity to grow Greece’s exports to Italy can be increased by $1 billion in the near future by focusing on other products, such as pharmaceuticals, aluminum, copper, fish, cheese and other food products.

“Given that the Italian market is a highly demanding market, the challenges faced by Greek exporters multiply. Despite this, there is significant penetration of Greek products in Italian supermarkets, especially when it comes to quality delicatessen products, for which there is an increased demand in Italy.” The role of e-commerce in enhancing and promoting high-quality agri-food products in Italy is also important.

It is no coincidence that Italy is at the top of the export destination countries for Greek products, representing a significant share of Greek exports that has been steadily increasing in recent years.

Despite this, there is still unexploited potential and for this reason it is recommended to Greek companies and producers, to enhance their extroversion practices, while various programs and services are constantly being planned to help in this direction.

Greece and Italy constitute two strong links in the chain of their corporate, strategic relationship. The field of commercial relations between them is rightly identified by the leading position of Greek extroversion. According to Mr. Marco Della Puppa “The goal was and remains to highlight in the best way the particularities and requirements of the Italian market, but also to create optimal conditions for the response of Greek companies, in order to further strengthen their presence in the Italian market with quality and competitive products.

Marco Della Puppa
Camera di Comercio Italo-ellenica di Salonicco

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