German Hellenic Economic Relations – A Success Story with a Future


The ties between Greece and Germany are rooted in historical milestones that have remained strong over time. Greece and Germany have identified common ground in various economic collaborations, encompassing investments, trade, and research initiatives. These German-Hellenic collaborations extend well beyond technology and innovation, and include sectors such as renewable energy, environment, agriculture, tourism, transports and logistics, education, and others. Both nations recognize the advantages of diversifying their economic partnerships to leverage each other’s strengths and foster sustainable growth.

Germany has consistently been Greece’s primary trading partner. In terms of imports, Germany has held the top position from 2015 to 2022, while it continues to rank second as a destination for Greek exports.

It is also worth mentioning that Germany retains the largest share of Greece’s tourism revenues at 22.1% in 2021, consistently outperforming the average for the period 2016-2019.

One notable area of collaboration is technology, where Germany’s reputation for engineering excellence and innovation complements Greece’s competent workforce at the emerging tech sector. Investments from Germany into Greece’s digital market are on the rise, with a notable emphasis on Northern Greece and Macedonia. Over the past 5 years, 25 German companies have established subsidiary businesses in Northern Greece, with most of them choosing Thessaloniki as their headquarters.

Greece and Germany have forged enduring partnerships in the energy and environmental sectors, making the most of Greece’s natural resources and Germany’s expertise in sustainable technologies. Notable examples include investments in renewables and waste management projects.

Beyond their significant trade partnership, the bonds between Greece and Germany also manifest in other facets of social life, particularly in education and culture.

In 2024, a momentous occasion will be celebrated as the German Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce marks a century of fostering and advancing German-Hellenic business relations. This celebration of the 100th anniversary is a testament to the enduring nature of the bond between Greece and Germany.

From 2020 to 2023, the German Hellenic Chamber in Northern Greece implemented nearly 20 projects with business missions funded by German Federal Ministries, delivering over 800 B2B meetings. These missions covered topics such as Energy Storage, Renewables, Energy Efficiency in Tourism and Industry, Civil Security, E-Mobility, Smart Cities, Waste Management, and Recycling.

As the Director of the German Hellenic Chamber for Northern Greece notes, ‘Our aim is to serve as a two-way communication bridge between the Greek and German economies. As a member of the global network of German Chambers of Commerce Abroad in 93 countries, we also have the vision to facilitate collaborations in other dynamic international countries.'”

Georgios Theodorakis

German Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce 

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