Beautiful as… a painting, with a prominent water element and distinct architecture, Florina is one of the most atmospheric destinations in Greece. It is no coincidence that its wider area was a favorite scenery and field of cinematography action for the great Greek director Thodoros Angelopoulos.

Built along river Sakuleva, it offers a landscape of unique beauty, which is adorned with buildings built since the beginning of the 20th century. Today, it is a vibrant and highly artistic city, home to many contemporary painters.

What if it is considered to be one the coldest in Greece?
The answer to the low temperatures is its beauties, its delicacies and heart-warming hospitality offered by its inhabitants.


Getting around

Florina features many, interesting attractions. Reasonably, among them is the river that runs through the city. Walking along the riverside pedestrian street, offers unique views of some of the architectural jewels that adorn the city, such as the 2nd Primary School, the home of the first Mayor of the city, the mansions of Vogiatzis and Peios, painters' studios, but also the Museum of Modern Art. The city also has an Archaeological and Folklore Museum, as well as an Art Gallery, which is housed in one of the old buildings of the Station. A climb the hill of Agios Panteleimon, up to Stavros, is also a must. From an altitude of over 1000 meters, one can grab the chance to admire panoramic views of the city and its enchanting surroundings.

Florina is an ideal starting point for a series of routes in the wonderful natural landscape that surrounds it. The wider area proudly hosts six enchanting lakes, Vegoritis, Zazaris, the lake of Petras, Chemaditis, and of course the Small and Large Prespa. In addition, the nearby Nymphaeum, a preserved stone-built settlement, that still remains untouched by time, is one of the most charming destinations in Greece.


Land of flavors

Florina has a great culinary tradition and many locally produced products, such as legumes, and in particular Prespa beans, but also the well-known Florinis peppers, while many important wineries operate in its blessed lands.


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