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diopus-diopasDiopas company started back in 1958, by Joakim Diamantidis, father of the company’s current owners, who had the nickname Diopas, given to him because of his rank in the navy (Diopus). Joakim Diamantidis began to deal with the import of fishing nets and their resale to fishermen both in the area of Nea Michaniona and the surrounding areas. After the founder passed away, his children decided to join forces and continue his vision by selling fishing nets. The company gradually started developing, and it was not long before it expanded its activities in the manufacturing sector, specializing in ready-made fishing nets. In the coming years, the company’s goals grew beyond the initial target, that was only fishing nets, to the manufacture of nets for fish farming, protection and sports.


Nets grow!

The company has consistently maintained its focus on meeting market demands, which serves as the foundation of its net manufacturing strategy. In addition to this, the company is dedicated to environmental preservation by engaging in ongoing research to develop innovative products. It also takes responsibility for cleaning up old nets from the seas, thereby contributing to a circular economy where used nets are transformed into new products. By closely monitoring the requirements for nets across various sectors, actively collaborating with universities and research institutions, and continuously enhancing its production processes, the company strives for continuous improvement.

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It’s all about the people!

The key to success lies in the people. At Diopas, employees are not just staff members, but internal customers. The management stands by their side, providing support whenever they need it. The company strives to create a nurturing environment that fosters joy and a sense of belonging, making the personnel a close-knit family capable of tackling any challenge together. Diopas company firmly believes that a thriving business cannot exist without contented employees.

When selecting individuals to join Diopas team, the company prioritizes qualities such as positivity, cooperation, and a strong work ethic. From the employer’s perspective, fairness is highly valued and comprehensive support is provided to meet both professional and personal needs of all employees, ensuring their overall well-being.


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Dealing with challenges

By comprehending the requirements of the market and exhibiting determination, creativity, and collaboration with research institutions and universities, Diopas is in a position to address numerous challenges. Overcoming these obstacles necessitates foresight, determination, and rational thinking, devoid of arrogance.

Diopas: The next day

According to the founder’s son, that is currently managing the company, one of the greatest achievements is the passing of the company to a third generation comprising his son and daughters. This ongoing succession from one generation to the next, signifies the evolution of Diopas into a forward-thinking enterprise that engages in production, exports, research contributions, circular economy initiatives, and self-generation of energy, all aimed at reducing the environmental impact and embracing a greater, greener, more viable future. 

Furthermore, Diopas company has established a division within the Nea Michaniona Cultural Association dedicated to teaching net sewing, which serves the dual purpose of combating unemployment and enhancing its social impact.

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Nets of success!

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